Computational Neuroscience Research Assistant Opportunity

Research and Lab Description:

The TEND Lab is a group of researchers at San Diego State University and University of California, San Diego, that studies the development of social and emotional functioning (e.g., regulating one’s own emotions, perceiving others’ emotions, interacting with others) in children and adolescents who have psychological disorders, like anxiety, depression, severe irritability, and/or autism. In particular, TEND Lab researchers are interested in understanding how the brain works within these disorders and how to leverage information about the brain to improve treatments for these disorders. To accomplish this, TEND Lab researchers use functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), functional connectivity, genetic, behavioral, and neuropsychological tools.

We are searching for an individual with a strong technical and analytical background, along with an interest in neuroscience. Some duties include: learning how to analyze and process fMRI data, develop and contribute to research hypothesis’, writing scripts using linux shells, and gaining experience in the research field. Advanced research assistants have the opportunity to explore their own research questions and present posters at conferences. Research assistants at TEND Lab develop clinical and research skills by obtaining valuable experience necessary for graduate school.


Requirements for Research Assistants:

– Hours Required Per Week: 10
– Class Level: Sophomore or Junior preferred, Senior and recent graduates also considered
– Length of Commitment: At least 1 year
– Skills Required: proficiency in at least 1 programming language, knowledge of statistics, formal
computer science coursework
– Good qualities include: self motivated, a quick learner, debugging experience, and a technical or
analytical background
– Interest in: developmental psychology and neuroimaging (e.g., fMRI, MRI, DTI)

Requirements for Applying:

– Attach a cover letter, CV or resume, and a copy of a transcript
– Send attachments to with the subject line written as “First and Last Name,
Computational Neuroscience Research Assistant Opportunity.”
Please do this in lieu of RAAP