Lab Member Alumni and Accomplishments

Graduate Student Alumni

Cindy Kiefer
Karen Shwartz
Headshot of Michael Liuzzi
Michael Liuzzi

RA Alumni

Ysabella Panggat

After graduation, Ysabella began working as a teacher’s aide at a non-public special needs school. She is now attending California State University San Marcos and taking courses to fulfil prerequisites for a graduate school Speech Pathology program. 

Diego Velasquez

Diego is working towards earning his Master’s degree for the social work program at SDSU. He currently works as a social work intern at the Veterans-Home of California in Chula Vista. 

Katrina Cole

Katrina is currently attending University of Massachusetts Lowell in the doctoral program for Criminology and Justice Studies. 

Yonca Cam

Upon graduation, Yonca moved on to earn her Masters in Psychology, Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences at Illinois State Universtiy. Currently, she is working in three research labs, researching behavioral neuroscience, false memory, and perception. Yonca is looking forward to applying to cognitive and behavioral neuroscience PhD programs in the future. 

Katie Nynas

Katie is currently a graduate student at SDSU’s school of Public Health with a concentration in Environmental Health. She also works as a Language and Culture Assistant or Auxiliar de Conversascion. 

Andy Villaba

After graduation, Andy was accepted into the Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) program at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Furthermore, he was selected for the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) with the United States Army.

Raechel Rodda

Raechel is currently a mild to moderate special education teacher in Santee, California. She teaches in a 2nd/3rd grade Special Day Classroom at Cajon Park Elementary School. 

Natalia Iturri
Natalia is currently finishing up her Bachelor of Science degree at SDSU in Kinesiology with a minor in Spanish, in which she will complete in December. After she obtains her degree, she plans on taking the Medical College Admission Test to apply for medical school and will continue volunteering in Scottsdale, Arizona. 
Madison Gratalo
Geneva Toledo
Sophie Bills
Carly Farrington
Sally Christine
Dede Aslaigh
Jake Biglow

Katie Strickland

Marianna Smith

Lilly Osuna

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Valeria Cordeiro

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Isaac Christian

Portrait of Cassidy

Cassidy Owen