Lab Member Alumni and Accomplishments

Graduate Student Alumni

Headshot of Valeria wearing a grey shirt and standing in front of green foliage

Valeria Cordeiro 

Master’s Student Alumni


Headshot of master's student Tasmia

Tasmia Alam

Master’s Student Alumni

Tasmia is currently a Survey Statistician for the U.S. Census Bureau under the Department of Commerce. She is grateful and excited to be applying the analytical knowledge and skills that she acquired during her time at TEND lab, to provide quality data reports for this nation’s people. She is currently working under the Economic Management division, where she is excited to grow into her new role and eager to expand her statistical knowledge.

Headshot of former master's student Marvin with a yellow wall in the background

Marvin Yan

Master’s Student Alumni

Marvin is currently a Ph.D. student in the Clinical Science & Psychopathology Research program at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities under the mentorship of Drs. Bonnie Klimes-Dougan and Kathryn Cullen. His research broadly focuses on using neuroimaging and neuromodulation to better understand the neural mechanisms underlying suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Marvin’s most recent project examines the clinical utility of applying causal discovery analytic techniques to fMRI data from depressed patients in a combined tDCS-mindful breathing intervention study.

Headshot of former master's student Lizzie

Lizzie Hodgdon

Master’s Student Alumni

Lizzie is continuing her research endeavors as a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at the University of New Mexico under the mentorship of Dr. Kristina Ciesielski. Her research examines the neural, cognitive, and affective underpinnings of pediatric psychopathology, particularly autism spectrum and obsessive-compulsive and related disorders.

Headshot of former doctoral student Maria Kryza-Lacombe in front of a blurred bridge and skyscraper background

Maria Kryza-Lacombe

Doctoral Student Alumni

Maria is a Ph.D. Candidate at the SDSU/UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. She is currently completing her Clinical Internship at the San Francisco VA with a focus on Neuropsychology. Her research lies at the intersection of affective, cognitive, and clinical neuroscience, with a special interest in clinical translation.

Headshot of former master's student Michael in front of a blurred yellow leaf tree background

Michael Liuzzi

Master’s Student Alumni

Michael is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. At UWM, his research is focused on investigating neural vulnerability for developing depression and PTSD following acute trauma in youth.

Headshot of former master's student Karen in front of a tall green bush background

Karen Schwartz

Master’s Student Alumni

Karen completed her clinical internship at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. After receiving her doctorate, Karen joined the ADHD Program at the University of Maryland as a postdoctoral associate. There, she is coordinating a randomized trial testing the effectiveness of a school-based depression prevention program for high schoolers with ADHD against referrals to care. This work aligns with Karen’s program of research focusing on depression prevention in high-risk youth and families, as well as promoting equity and accessibility of evidence-based mental health services.

Headshot of former master's student Cindy in front of a peeling bark tree background

Cindy Kiefer

Master’s Student Alumni

After graduation, Cindy worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator in oncology clinical trials at UCSD’s Moores Cancer Center for 2 years. In the last year, she has been working as a Clinical Research Associate for a clinical research organization called PRA, where she performs site management for pharmaceutical research. Most recently, Cindy worked on Janssen’s COVID vaccine trial.

Lab Staff Alumni

Headshot of project coordinator and lab manager Peyton in a tan wide shoulder tank top with green leaves of a nearby tree in the background

Peyton Brock

Former Project Coordinator/Lab Manager

Peyton is an incoming Ph.D. student in the Clinical Psychology Program at the Ohio State University. She will be working under the mentorship of Dr. Jennifer Cheavens in the Mood and Personality Studies (MAPS) Lab. Peyton’s research interests broadly lie in understanding the link between emotion dysregulation and interpersonal dysfunction in those with personality pathology. Specifically, she is interested in researching how individuals with borderline personality disorder use social contact to aid in regulating negative emotions. Peyton is also looking forward to engaging in treatment delivery and is most excited to learn Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Headshot of project coordinator Nathan in a black and blue plaid shirt standing on a bridge with a large tree and rocks in the background

Nathan Kirk

Former Project Coordinator

Nathan is currently a Ph.D. student in the school psychology program at Lehigh University. He has been working as a graduate research assistant with Project PEAK (Promoting Engagement with ADHD Pre-Kindergarteners) under Drs. George DuPaul, Lee Kern, and Bridget Dever. His interests broadly lie in increasing the effectiveness of and accessibility to mental health interventions for youth. His most recent research has investigated cultural adaptations seen in broadband mental health screeners, the current state of universal social, emotional, and behavioral screening in schools, and the efficacy of a parent training intervention for preschoolers with ADHD using a positive psychology approach.

Headshot of lab staff alumni Lauren in a brown shirt with a white cardigan

Lauren Bozzetto

Former Lead Clinical Interviewer

Research Assistant Alumni

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